the ministers

Rev Alistair Anquetil

Alistair is a thoughtful and gifted minister, with a deep spirituality that belies his ability to connect easily and naturally with people from all walks of life. Well respected by his peers, Alistair has served in various capacities in the work of the wider church. His caring insights and wise counsel are cherished by many who have faced moments of crisis and celebration. He loves sport of almost every kind, still plays league water polo, and a avid fisherman with a deep love for the outdoors. Ordained in 2011, he served the congregation of Eshowe Presbyterian Church with great dedication before accepting the Call to St Columba’s in 2016. Perhaps most importantly, he is a loving husband to Jo, and a wonderful father to Samantha and Matthew. Together they hold a very special place in the heart of St Columba’s. We are tremendously privileged to call Alistair our minister and friend!

Rev Jaco Bester

Jaco is an outgoing and jovial person with an excellent sense of humour. His down to earth approach to life sees him relating easily to a wide spectrum of people. He and his wife, Jacqui, share a deep and special companionship, and together, place a high priority on family life. They are loving parents to Migeul, Ryan, Emily, Sarah and Luke. Jaco hails from KwaZulu-Natal and has served with diligence in several settings in the Presbyterian Church (including two years in Michigan, USA). His passion for sport and his pride in our country are palpable and add to the vibrant and optimistic outlook that colours his ministry. He is a gifted man and particularly gifted orator, who we are proud to call our minister.

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Jacqui Bester

With an unwavering determination to make a meaningful difference in the lives of young people, as our Children’s Pastor, Jacqui is a tremendous gift to the ministry and life of St Columba’s. She is married to Jaco – yup, the one you read about a moment ago – and mother to Migeul, Ryan, Emily, Sarah, and Luke… While being the loving mother of five beautiful children certainly qualifies her for the position at a level of real-life-experience; Jacqui is also a highly skilled professional with formal training and experience in the fields of both education and psychology (holding tertiary degrees in both areas). She taught as a foundation phase teacher for over 15 years before taking on the role of Children’s Pastor here at St Columba’s. Jacqui is also a highly regarded blogger and social media influencer. Her blog: currently has 11000 followers, and this reach continues to grow. She is the founder of the SA Parenting Blog Awards, which trended at #1 in SA on Twitter when it launched in 2018, as well as being the co-owner of an online parenting platform on the Citizen. Jacqui is a creative and vibrant member of our pastoral staff team, and contributes richly to the spiritual care and formation we are able to offer our members and their families.